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Embroidered With School Logo Material : Polyester, Cotton Read Label Inside Tag Machine Wash Iron and Tumble Dry...

The Westleigh Methodist Nursery School uniform identifies all students as members of the school team and promotes pride in the school. Parents can purchase all of the major items of clothing, as part of the uniform, from Rainbow Uniforms - the leading school uniform store in the UK.

The Westleigh Methodist Nursery School Uniform

The uniform prescribed by the Westleigh Methodist Nursery school consists of the following: 

  • A polo shirt in white
  • A cardigan/sweatshirt in navy blue
  • Pinafore dress/skirt/trousers in grey
  • Grey/black socks or grey/black tights (white socks may be worn during summer with skirts, pinafore dresses or shorts)
  • Plain black shoes
  • A gingham dress in white and blue during summers (optional)
  • Tied back hair with a blue/black hair bobble
  • Decent haircut with no colours
  • Children are allowed to wear only wristwatches and simple stud earrings, which must be taken off during physical education activities

At Rainbow Uniforms, you can find the blue jumper and blue cardigan with the school logo and grey pleated skirt and grey trousers for your kids. We offer uniforms from trusted sources to help your kids look and feel smart and confident.