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Embroidered With School Logo Material : Polyester, Cotton Read Label Inside Tag Machine Wash Iron and Tumble Dry...

Over two decades ago, Leigh Central Community Pre-school opened its doors to provide high-quality early childhood education. Children aged between 3 and 4 can attend during term time. Families can collect siblings from both school and pre-school at the same time because the pre-school follows the same term dates as Leigh Central Primary. Their sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each family. Besides, the Leigh Central Pre-school uniform is mandatory for all children to wear.

 The uniform is an important step in a child's life because it symbolizes belonging to a specific setting and prepares them for their career. The uniforms students wear contribute to their sense of belonging to the school community. In the morning, uniforms can also make morning routines easier, so parents can feed and interact with their kids before dropping them off at preschool.

The Leigh Central Pre-school Uniform

 At Rainbow Uniforms, we offer school uniforms of the highest quality to help inculcate confidence and discipline in your kids. The Leigh Central Pre-school uniform at our store comprises the following:

  • Blue pre-school sweatshirt with logo (for boys)
  • Blue pre-school cardigan with logo (for girls)
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey pleated skirt

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