Embroidered With School Logo Material : Polyester, Cotton Durable Fabric and Ribbed Cuffs Read Care Label Insid Machine...
Embroidered With School Logo Material : Polyester, Cotton Read Label Inside Tag Machine Wash Iron and Tumble Dry...
Quality Heavyweight Book Bag All Around Primery School Bag Adjustable Strap  
Embroidered With School Logo Material : Polyester, Cotton Read Care Label Inside Machine Wash Iron and Dry on...
All different colours Scrunchie
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A school uniform goes a long way in fostering the importance of equality, discipline and confidence in kids. It is not just a mere dress code but an opportunity for kids to come together as one and shape a better future for not only themselves but the world. At Rainbow Uniforms, we understand how important it is for kids to be dressed in sharp and smart attires that are comfortable at the same time. This is why we make the Chowbent Primary School uniform to ensure that the materials and quality make your children ever ready.

The Chowbent Primary School Uniform

The main school uniform consists of the following:

  • Pinafore, skirt or trousers in grey
  • Polo shirt or blouse in blue
  • Cardigan or sweatshirt in maroon
  • Checkered gingham summer dress in blue
  • Plain school shoes in black (trainers are not allowed)

P.E. Uniform

  • Shorts in black
  • T-shirt in white
  • Pumps in black (trainers are not allowed)
  • Trainers and tracksuit for outdoor lessons

At Rainbow Uniforms, we also offer school book bags and drawstring P.E. bags in which students can carry their P.E. kit. Shop the best quality products today at Rainbow Uniforms.